"Fish"-Customer Service

Fish is an exciting concept based on the World Famous 'Pike Place' Fish Market where the energy is so infectious business people spend their lunch hour just watching the action and absorbing the energy!

Years ago, the dreariness of long hours, smelly fish, and cold lockers was reflected in workers attitudes. Yet by changing the attitude they bring to their work, the fishmongers at Pike Place have created a totally different fun and more profitable environment and a new philosophy of work. This is the Fish Philosophy.

The session is actually not about fish at all! The session is about inspiring staff to see that they have the power to cre8te a more interesting, playful, profitable, and energetic workplace for themselves. The kind of place where you feel positive and fulfilled by the way you do your work.

Outdoor Insights session is highly motivating and is supported by a great video that highlights the 4 main concepts in support of developing superior Customer Service.
  • Choosing Your Attitude - positive upbeat approach to each moment and every customer
  • Make their Day – giving internal and external customers a great experience
  • Being there - listening intently, being really engaged and present, and looking for opportunities to help customers
  • Playing - actually having fun at work in an appropriate manner
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