AGSM Case Study

Outdoor Insights has worked with AGSM since 1992 to provide interactive, open air activities that further enhance the internationally renowned high quality MBA programs.
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Outdoor Insights has partnered with AGSM since 1992 to provide interactive, open-air activities that further enhance AGSM’s internationally renowned MBA programs.

AGSM offers global top-tier general management, executive and leadership development programs. The AGSM’s transformational MBA and MBA Executive programs are consistently ranked in the top 100 programs globally and their online MBA, the MBAX, is ranked 1st in Australia.

The study of what constitutes effective leadership is a key component of AGSM MBA programs. Most MBA programs are classroom focused using only theoretical content. Outdoor Insights AGSM programs are unique because theory is combined with an intensive two-day practical leadership workshop. Practical scenarios are designed to bring theory to life through a range of simulations that immerse both leaders and teams in problems that require clear leadership, effective problem solving skills and timely execution of the tasks. These scenarios highlight the complex and dynamic nature of leadership and teams.

The Outdoor Insights AGSM Practical Leadership Program achieves the following outcomes:

• Improved leadership of teams to achieve directed tasks
• Greater awareness of leadership styles
• Development of problem-solving skills
• Increased ability to influence people through effective communication
• Greater awareness of strengths, weakness and strategies to improve leadership effectiveness
• Greater insight into team dynamics when team members and leaders are operating under stress in an unfamiliar environment

To find out more about our work with AGSM, click the PDF link for the full case study.

Case Study

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