Experiential training is personally involving, practical and mentally stimulating. In practice it uses structured outdoor and indoor activities to provide insight and solutions for real workplace situations. Its appeal is based on the fact that it is:

  • Hands-on and practical
  • Challenging and fun
  • A good mechanism for providing opportunities for personal feedback
  • Able to simulate work situations allowing mistakes made to be turned into ‘learning experiences’ in a safe and cost effective environment.
  • A methodology that brings alive a practical understanding of management models and business processes.

The difference between team bonding and team development/building programs is that, team bonding are events and rarely have any theoretical content or in-depth debriefing. Bonding is about team spirit, belonging and just getting to know each other outside the normal work environment.

Bonding events are designed to create team experiences that bring the team together, stimulating team identity, spirit and belonging. The events need to be fun or adventurous so that they are long remembered and the experience creates a common bond between team members.


Outdoor Insights is a fully mobile training organisation, providing our clients with the choice of venue to suit their unique needs, whatever the season and budget. With experience of working all over Australia we are happy to assist you in choosing a venue to suit your needs.


Outdoor Insights has in excess of 100 different problem solving and adventure based activities we use on programs. The design of our programs is based on individual consultation with our clients to gain a clear understanding of their training needs. The appropriate training activities are then selected, paying careful attention to the needs of individuals, the group and the training goals.


Yes! Our experience is that participants contribute and learn more if they are enjoying an activity. A sense of humour is essential for all Outdoor Insights programs.


Our training and leadership development programs are typically 1-3 days.


Experiential training may be accomplished anywhere. Traditionally people have come to associate this training methodology with the outdoors. Whilst being outdoors certainly makes the activity more challenging with the changing dynamic of weather; it can also take place in the board room, factory floor, conference room, out on the lawn, in the wilderness or even on aboard a yacht.


The transfer of knowledge from the experiential activity to the workplace is achieved by thorough debriefing and process analysis by skilled Outdoor Insights Facilitators. Debriefing activities during the program is the vital step that crystallises the relationship between outcome and cause, and transfers the learning directly back to the workplace