Team Development

Functioning teams are essential for maximising productivity, efficiency and workplace harmony. Outdoor Insights has a proven record of developing thriving corporate teams.

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Successful functioning of teams is essential for maximising productivity, efficiency and workplace harmony. Outdoor Insights specialise in partnering with organisations to bring about productive and lasting behavioural change with the aim of improving team effectiveness.

Outdoor Insights Team Development Programs are tailored to the specific outcomes required by each client. We spend time gaining an understanding of your needs before designing a program. We offer an extensive suite of outdoor activities that offer distinct and varied learning opportunities. Activities are matched with engaging theory sessions to provide a powerful blended learning experience for our participants.

Each of our teambuilding activities are extensively debriefed by our expert facilitators. Our aim is to maximise the learning potential from each activity, and for every participant, so as to most effectively transfer learnings back into the workplace. There is nothing more powerful than undertaking a practical team activity and then, with the assistance of our knowledgeable facilitators, being able to unpack the experience to understand what happened, why and what needs to change in order to bring about improvement.

We typically use the Team Management Profile (TMS) suite of tools as a part of our Team Development Programs. Team members often have different approaches to communication and to getting their work done which can lead to misunderstanding and frustration. TMP gives the team a common working language to resolve issues, enhance communication and be more effective at getting their work done.

TMP also offers a team problem-solving path that can utilise the diversity of a team to produce maximum results. Practical scenarios bring TMS theory alive and participants are given the opportunity to apply effective teamwork to a range of real-world activities. Participants will actually practice effective communication and team process prior to their return to work.

Outdoor Insights Team Development Programs enhance team performance in the following areas:

• Communication
• Trust and support
• Coaching and giving peer feedback
• Goal setting and benchmarks
• Achievement, determination and a positive ‘Can Do’ attitude
• Working smarter, not harder, by continuous process improvement. Achieving ’stretch’ goals is the result.

Outdoor Insights Team Development Programs are aimed at businesses that are serious about maximising the effectiveness of their teams in the workplace. We do not run group play activities and call this team building. Our programs offer powerful, interactive learning in a supportive environment coupled with expert facilitation.

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